Village Info


Village Information

This page will be updated as information is provided by organisations, businesses and interest groups that operate in Batheaston.
It is not exhaustive so apologies if there are exclusions and please use the contact page to request additions to the lists which will always be at the discretion of BPC.

Useful Contacts

Part A will be a listing of important contacts in the area and suggestions for inclusion or corrections to infomation are invited at any time.
Part B is a possible option for the future where residents are invited to suggest trusted local tradesmen who they have found to be reliable. This may take a while to compile and the rules for inclusion are under discussion and BPC will accept no liability for these listings. This will be just a list of potential service providers and it is down to the end user to choose a provider and the terms of their engagement. In a similar fashion not being listed does not imply any negative factors or reason not to engage that provider. It is an effort made in good faith by BPC to list local suppliers who have done a good job for a number our residents.
Such providers are invited to express interest by the contact page along with verifiable references from  at least three customers.