What to do

What to do around Batheaston

A selection of Walks around and beyond the village

This page will be updated as information is submitted and is aimed to provide a guide to walking around the beautiful hills and valleys that surround the village. Suggestions are welcomed.
The guides will start from the Riverside where parking is available,  frequent bus services all stop, and food and drink services are available.

Batheaston and surrounds

A wonderful location for walking in the southern Cotswold Hills.
Walks of varying length and difficulty will be listed in due course to help you choose one appropriate for the occasion.
​All walkers are advised to wear appropriate equipment and have maps and supplies suitable for the terrain and conditions.

Batheaston and surrounds

Walks to the North

Flat easy walks around the river or up Northend to St Catherine's can be used in all weathers and conditions.
Hillier walks to Bannerdown, Solsbury Hill or Charmydown can vary in length severity and duration but offer lovely views and wildlife
Beyond the boundary are extensive walks towards Marshfield, Castle Combe, or around the northern side of the city. 


Walks to the South

Across the footbridge are shorter walks on the flat to Bathampton and Bathford that can be circular with pubs en route.
Turn left at the canal for a towpath walk to Dunkerton and Bradford on Avon or around the Southern side of the city.
Turn right for a stroll into the City and beyond. Or pass through Bathampton and up towards Sham Castle and join the Ring of Bath circuit which is rather tougher.
​Left before the canal and back across the meadows (and railway crossing) to Bathford offers a stroll back along the old A4 or on to Browns Folly and beyond where lie good refreshment stops.

The River is becoming popular

Recent feature in Cotswold Life

Batheaston to Bannerdown with detailed directions

Don't forget Batheaston High Street food and drink outlets!