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Coronavirus Update

The Parish Council are working with other agencies to help to support the village community in this difficult time. There are a number of initiatives for volunteering and providing support to neighbours, and we believe that these cover the whole village. If however you are in need of support, are able to offer help or have a useful suggestion, please get in touch.

Please also refer to News on the Notice board for updates. 

Richard Maccabee, the Parish Clerk, email: clerk@batheaston.org.uk, 07970-980823. 

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Parish Council Meetings are now held online

In line with recent Government guidance, monthly Council meetings will continue to be held on their previous schedule, but will be online.  The next meeting scheduled for 7:15pm on Tuesday 5th May.  Details are in the Notice Board. 

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Changes to Parish Council Services due to the Lockdown

The Rhymes Pavilion and the Toilets at the Riverside Car Park are closed until further notice. Other services, such as litter picking and grass cutting, will continue but less frequently than normally. 

Many services provided by our Unitary Authority, Bath and North East Somerset Council, are similarly cancelled or reduced, see www.bathnes.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Stay alert poster 15.5 PHE

Useful Contacts for Support on Coronavirus

NHS information:  www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

The Government www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Compassionate Community Hub, provide a site for both asking for help and volunteering  to help, and to : www.3sg.org.uk/pages/compassionate-community-covid-19

Bath and North-East Somerset have a lot of information at www.bathnes.gov.uk/coronavirus with links to their C-19 Newsletter, including a link to sign up for updates  

Another useful place to find resources is the Batheaston Forward Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746467532097035

For all the latest Minutes & Meeting Agendas visit here:

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