The Batheaston Society


 Batheaston is sometimes looked upon as an extension of Bath, but this is not the case, for the village has an independence and identity of its own. We are now a large and somewhat scattered villa ge, much of which is relatively modern, but the Parish goes back a thousand years, and pockets of 17th and 18th Century Architecture remain, particularly in the High Street and Northend. Above all, the village is set in outstandingly beautiful countryside, and it is essential to ensure that its individuality is not destroyed, and positive action will always be needed to realise its full potential as a pleasant place in which to live, work and relax.


The Batheaston Society was formed in 1971 to take a practical part in the fulfilment of these aims. It is independent of any other organisation. Its sole concern is the well-being of the village, and in recognition of its commitment to this purpose, it is registered with the Civic Trust as the local amenity society for Batheaston. In part this includes an emphasis on the historical building substance and the people who have shaped the village in the past.


  • The Society promotes talks, usually illustrated by slides, during the Autumn and Winter months (View the Programme for 2015)

  • Issues a periodic Newsletter

  • Arranges at least one visit each summer to places of interest

  • Monitors planning applications and transport problems

  • Organises footpath walks

  • Plants trees and campaigns for Tree Preservation Orders

  • The Society has sponsored several publications dealing with items of local interest.

  • Conducted a major survey of in excess of 60 historic buildings in 2000-5 the results of which can be found at the following website (

  • The Society’s archives contain photographs, documents and maps given by members of the village; these are the source for irregularly held public exhibitions in the Church Hall.


  • Some examples are the restoration of the Village Pound at Northend

  • The neat stone filling-in of the old school entrance through the churchyard wall

  • The wholesale planting of trees in the Parish to replace Dutch Elm disease losses

  • The Society was involved in the petitions for the Batheaston by-pass, presenting a paper at the Inquiry

  • Clearance and conservation work has been done in Bannerdown Woods and work on the Pound continues

  • Together with other village groups the park and ride proposal in the meadows was vigorously opposed.

  • Active support was lent to the Ramblers’ Association to have the river footpath re-opened.


If you support the aims of the Society you will be welcomed as a member. We are especially anxious to enlist members of the younger generation to ensure the Society has continuity, fresh ideas and a progressive outlook.


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