Batheaston Twinning Association

Batheaston Twinning Association (BTA)

What are we

BTA is designed to encourage friendship and increase understanding between the residents of Batheaston and Oudon in the Loire Valley in France.

Who are we

We are the residents of Batheaston. BTA is not a local government organisation, but is open to all with a connection to Batheaston who would like to meet the residents of a comparable small town in Brittany, learn about them and their community and make friends. There is something of “peace and international co-operation” in all this, but we are not po-faced about it. We have fun and want to encourage as many people as possible to be involved. There are no age limits and families with children are very welcome.

What do we do?

The main events are alternate annual visits to each other’s village, staying in each other’s houses and taking part in communal and individual activities.  Members are not obliged to travel nor to host visitors, either every year or at all, although we hope that people will want to. And you can meet and greet even if you can’t host. We aim to encourage any groups or organisations based in the village to make contacts with counterparts in Oudon. We are currently encouraging links between schools in the two villages.During the year we run social and fund-raising events in the village and these are fun in themselves. We have run bingo nights, jazz evenings and French film nights. In June 2012 we travelled once again to Oudon and apart from renewing our friendships and making new ones, we visited an oyster farm, and a beautiful beach on the isle of Noirmoutier; attended a wine-tasting at one of the local Loire vineyards, after a suitable country ramble; took a boat ride along the Loire and enjoyed good French food and drink. On the way down we explored the fine medieval city of Rennes, capital of Brittany.

 I don’t speak French!

Obviously a smattering of French is a help, but is you’d be surprised how little it matters! We are nonetheless looking at informal and friendly ways of helping those who wish, to acquire or improve their knowledge of the French language. Few of us are fluent and it is really unimportant!

How can I join?

The organisation is run by a small committee who are elected by the membership each year, but the association is no more formal than it has to be. Please contact any of the names below to ask any more questions or just join up. Membership is free.


Chairman: Peter Davenport

Download the minutes of the Batheaston Twinning Associaton AGM – (23rd March 2015)

Download the minutes of the Batheaston Twinning Associaton AGM – (13th March 2014)



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