The Mothers Union

The Mother’s Union was started over a hundred years ago by Mary Sumner, a Vicar’s wife, and has spread throughout the world.

Batheaston has a branch attached to St. John the Baptist’s church and we meet in the church on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2.30. We begin our meetings with prayer, prayers being the backbone of the Mother’s Union, and enjoy talks and discussion afternoons and, yes, we always end with cups of tea.

Many attempts have been made to choose another name for this organisation as it was thought that the name was seen by some as off- putting but, after several years of trying, no-one has been able to come up with any thing suitable so we continue with the name started all those years ago.

One difference made over the years is that you don’t have to be a mother to join, and men can also be members., In other words, if you have a couple of hours to spare, come along and you will be very welcome.

Contact – Joyce Hurst 852249

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