Batheaston – Placemaking Plan

January 2015 Update – Public Consultation

B&NES have started a Public Consultation process to gain feedback on the Placemaking Plan and now is your chance to comment on the options for key development sites and the planning policy framework affecting Batheaston and the wider Bath and North East Somerset area. 

The public consultation phase closed on 30th Janauary 2015.

At the end of 2013, Batheaston Parish Council undertook

an assessment of potential housing sites in the Village

(see June 2014 update below).

Those assessments have been reviewed by B&NES

and the only site they propose to include in the

Placemaking Plan is the

“Batheaston SHLAA Site BES 2 – Lock-up Garages off Coalpit road”.  

The B&NES Placemaking Project Team have set up a number of events where the public are invited to attend and comment on the proposals. Alternatively, comments can be made online through the interactive Placemaking Plan Options Document 12.6mb)

Pages 121 and 122 relate to the Coalpit Rd Garage Block site


On Friday January 23rd, a B&NES representative supported a drop in event, hosted by Batheaston Parish Council at the Church Hall, School Lane in Batheaston between 2pm and 7:30pm.   

The following are the questions and comments which were rercorded by the B&NES representative. Where appropriate, these will be added to the comments in relation to the Placemaking Options document review.

Batheaston Parish Council will also add the comments to others received through the Neighbourhood Plan process. 

  • Inquiries were made with regards who owns the land which is adjacent to the car showroom which is adjacent to the river
  • Questions were raised about potential funding opportunities for the redevelopment of the toilet block into a café area
  • The Parish Council don’t always listen to what the parish wants and make decisions without informing us
  • I did not know about this event and it was poorly advertised 
  • It was asked if the Tower Hill site in Batheaston is greenfield Green Belt or if it is part brownfield in the Green Belt
  • Questions were raised about who owns the hard court play area next to the potential site SR16
  • Concerns were raised over the impact of developing SR16 in terms of the loss of car parking space, the impact of the flood lights and potential noise  on development (if the hard court area is not included in the proposed site layout)
  • Questions were raised about the Community Infrastructure Levy
  • It was raised that the Placemaking Plan should have polices that relate to the holiday lets-mainly about developing criterion for converting a house into a holiday let
  • It was stated that the primary school can be extended on the land to the east of the school which would include the brook
  • Questions were asked about the Local Green Space Designation
  • There are only limited green spaces in Batheaston and there are only limited leisure facilities
  • Parking implications of the loss of garages
  • There are lots of little sites which could be developed
  • Why can’t the green belt sites be developed? 

When adopted, the Placemaking Plan, together with the Core Strategy, will help shape what and where development takes place and will be used for determining planning applications in Bath and North East Somerset up to 2029.


The B&NES Placemaking Plan web pages

The B&NES Placemaking Plan (Options Document) – 12.6mb pages 121 and 122 relate to the Coalpit Rd Garge Block site 

Further information on the Placemaking Plan Consultation Process including other drop in events

Local Green Space Designation Pro Forma 

June 2014 Update


The following extract was taken from the Spring 2014 Bulletin No. 31

In the summer of last year B&NES imposed a Placemaking programme on all Parish Councils. The work involved evaluating the suitability of sites, identified by B&NES, for residential development. We also carried out Character studies of the village.

The reports prepared will be placed on our web site and will also be available on the B&NES web site.

All Parishes, to aid the Core strategy housing requirement, have been asked to find sites for housing; Batheaston will need to find land for a minimum of 50 houses. This is a serious challenge, especially if we do not want the Green Belt to be eroded. This unforeseen involvement in the Placemaking exercise meant our aspiration to execute a Neighbourhood Plan last year had to be postponed, as all Councillors were heavily involved in site surveys and report preparation. A review of the neighbourhood plan programme is now underway and a new programme will be presented in the next Council term.

The report is based on a set of proformas / toolkits supplied by B&NES, the exercise was managed under the supervision of the Placemaking Committee.

Download the statement by David Trigwell (B&NES Div Director – Development) providing background information on the purpose and process of preparing the SHLAA and the Placemaking Plan 

Download the Assessment Proformas, completed by Batheaston Parish Council and as returned to B&NES

Overview of content – 

Batheaston SHLAA site BES 1 – Hawkers Yard (pages 1 – 4)
Batheaston SHLAA Site BES 2 – Lock-up Garages off Coalpit road (pages 4 – 6)
Batheaston SHLAA site BES 3 – Pippards (pages 6 – 9)
Batheaston SHLAA site BES 4 – Land by The Tower Site (pages 10 – 13)
Batheaston SHLAA site BES 5 – Victory Gardens (pages 13 – 16)

Character Area: Northend (area A) North to South (Above the Church Cemetery) Settlement Assessment (pages 17 – 18)
Character Area: Northend (area A) North to South (Above the Church Cemetery) Landscape Assessment (pages 18 – 19)
Character Area: Northend (area B) South to North (From Church cemetery to High Street) Settlement Assessment (pages 19 – 20)
Character Area: Northend (area B) South to North (From Church cemetery to High Street) Landscape Assessment (pages 20 – 21)
Character Area: Bannerdown Area Settlement Assessment (pages 21 – 29)
Character Area: Elmhurst and Catherine Way – Settlement Assessment (pages 30 – 32)
Character Area: St Catherine Brook – Water Course – Settlement Assessment (pages 32 – 35)


B&NES Supplied Documents

The following document (dated Dec 2013) has been produced by B&NES following a validation of the data supplied by Batheaston Parish Council

Download the Placemaking Plan, Character and Site Assessment Validation

The following document (dated June 2014) was circulated by B&NES and invites Parish Councils to be involved in the review of Housing Development Boundaries

Download the “Review of Village Housing Development Boundaries” 


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