Batheaston Parish Council Committees

The Batheaston Parish Council consists of 4 committees with various responsibilities (see below) and a governing committee (Full Parish Council) which meets to review all Parish Council activities. There were 37 committee meetings during 2012.

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Description of the responsibilities of the various Batheaston Parish Council Committees

Full Parish Council (BPC) – This committee will review the significant issues being progressed by the other committees and will provide approval or guidance accordingly. The Full Council met 7 times in 2012 and 9 times in 2011.

General Purposes Committee (GPC) – Considers all matters of policy making, legal matters, finance and all matters not covered by other committees. The GPC met 7 times in 2012.

Highways, Footpaths, & Lighting Committee (HFL) – Considers ways in which improvements could be made to safety on the roads, lanes and footpaths. Responsible for identifying to B&NES, any defects or repairs that are required to all roads, pavements, lanes and footpaths. Responsible for the cleanliness of pavements and streets and employs part-time Handymen for that purpose. The HFL met 7 times in 2012.

Planning & Environment Committee (PEC) – Responsible for making recommendations and comments, on behalf of the Parish Council, on all planning applications to B&NES (who have the ‘final’ decision on all applications). This Committee also considers any matters relating to the environment and conservation. It is responsible for the Gardening (only) of the Batheaston Gardens. The PEC met 9 times in 2012.

Neighbourhood Plan Committee (NPC) – Established in May 2014 and set up to progress a Neighbourhood Plan for Batheaston.

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Election Procedures – Updated Legal Topic Note 8 Elections – January 2015 – Click Here to view pdf document