Batheaston – Neighbourhood Planning

Batheaston Neighbourhood Plan

(30th Nov 2014 update) 

Have Your Say – Data from the THINK TANK now available. 

Since 30th Sept, the data has been gathered together, handwritten forms typed up, the data reviewed (with some comments being moderated) and the resulting data categorised.  Click here to view the Categorised Think Tank Data


The following “Snapshot” shows how the comments were broken down –

A small team of 10 volunteers are busy producing an analysis of the data which will be made available on this website and also at a Village Consultation event, planned for mid January. More details to follow

For the project to succeed as a “Community Project”, then it will be necessary that there is a lot of involvement by residents and from the questionnaires, we have over 50 contributors who have left their contact details and we hope they will be involved in the next steps of the project. It’s not too late to get involved and you can make contact by emailing 

Next Steps

  • Categorisation of the data and workshop review
  • Publish Analysis
  • Village Consultation
  • Identify strategic issues which will go forward into the Neighbourhood Plan process and identify any actions that could be progressed now, either through a Community Plan or through the existing Parish Council committees.



What is Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area.

Batheaston Parish Council, committed last year, to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan which will seek to establish how residents wish to see the village evolve, what and where development should take place and not least what should be enhanced and protected. 

The Process

The whole process, being managed through the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, could take 18 months to complete, will need many volunteers from within the community and briefly will include

  • Public Consultation using the Think Tank (July – Sept 2014)
  • Analysis of the initial Think Tank data to ascertain the views of Batheaston Residents (October / Novemeber 2014)
  • Publicise findings (Oct – Dec 2014)
  • Identify any short term “quick wins” from the suggestions (Nov / Dec 2014)
  • Arrange for a Village Consultation event to review responses and gain feedback on ideas (mid Jan 2015)
  • Bring together, into a Community Plan, ideas for projects that have good support and should be started ahead of a Neighbourhood Plan
  • Formulate a survey questionnaire based on the fidings from the Think Tank data 
  • Ensure all Batheaston Residents have an opportunity to complete the survey – house to house delivery and collection 
  • Formulate proposals for the Neighbourhood Plan based on the reponses to the questionnaire
  • Create a draft Neighbourhood Plan and offer to Batheaston Residents for consultation
  • Preparation of a final Neighbourhood Plan proposal
  • Conduct a referendum of all Batheaston Residents
  • Formally submit the Neighbourhood Plan for Local Planning Authority and Inspector approval
  • Formal adoption by the Local Planning Authority

More details will be provided on a regular basis so please keep an eye on this page.


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