High Street Roadworks Nov 14 & 15th

The closure of the road to complete the speed table works on the High Street by Avondale Garage has been scheduled for Monday 14 and Tuesaday 15 November from 7 a m to 7 p m.

Public transport information is as follows:

Service 3 (First): Will serve stops east of the road closure (including Elmhurst Estate) but only on the way towards Bathford. Passengers to Bath should board Bathford-bound bus and stay on bus to complete journey towards Bath.

Service 228 (Faresaver): Will serve eastern end of Batheaston, diverting from its usual route at the bottom of Bannerdown Road. It will not serve stops west of the road closure, instead getting to/from Bath via Batheaston bypass.

Service X31 (Faresaver): Will not serve Batheaston during the closure. Passengers at west end of Batheaston may wish to use the Lambridge stop (after A46 approaching Bath). Passengers at east end of Batheaston may wish to board bus at ‘Westwoods’ stops on Box Road (A4).

Service X72 and school services 287, X83 & X86 (Faresaver): Will not serve Batheaston during the closure. Passengers at west end of Batheaston may wish to board bus at the Lambridge stop (after A46 approaching Bath). Passengers at east end of Batheaston may wish to board bus in Bathford.

Contact telephone numbers:
Faresaver: 01249 444444
First: 0345 602 0121


Vacancies have arisen and it is proposed that replacement
Parish Councillors will be co-opted at the next full Meeting on 13th December – to both join the Council and also participate in one or more of the 3 sub-committees

Would you wish to spend some time helping the Parish Council :-

Replan/reorganise elements of the Village? (GSC)

Identify and Improve the Roads and Pavements? (HFL)

Consider all the variuos Planning Applications? (PAC)

Progress, achievements and Intentions are documented each month in the “Local
Look” magazine and this past year has seen the Pavement in front of the
Shops completely renovated and a new Pavement installed at the bottom
of Bannerdown Road.
Both these improvements were successful after many years of this Parish Council
lobbying the Authority.
The same “many years of lobbying” will also soon see a height reduction in the Speed Table in the High Street.
Since the Vision Plan was issued in 2009 we have progressed a number of
improvements to the Riverside Area and – at long last – taken over the Toilet Block which was opened recently as a Uni-sex Unit.
The Council now needs to progress further the many ideas/proposals recorded in
the Vision Plan and Think Tank studies.

You could make a difference!

If you might be interested please contact the Clerk:-
Phone: 01225 400041
Email: bailrigg@virginmedia.com
Post: Mike Townley
35 Albert Road
BA14 7LP
A brief description of your interest in the life of the Village Community
and the skills and experience you could bring to the role of Parish
Councillor is requested and the written data should be received
by noon, on Monday 21st November 2016


New Toilet Opened on Saturday (October 8th)

The Parish Council has installed a new toilet in the old park in High Street, which will be available from Saturday. The cost of spending a penny, however, is subject to inflation and will cost 20p!

June 2016 payments:

Accts – Transparency June 16

Party to mark the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Head over to our Facebook page for pictures and comments from the event held in Batheaston Car Park on Saturday, April 23rd 2016